Friday, August 21, 2009

60 Things - Take 2

Officially the first of the "60 days." We're off to a great start--checked off 3 more tonight.

#7: Eat BLT @ Choice Market.

Choice is in Clinton Hill in Brooklyn, which happens to be the neighborhood where H and I looked at our very first potential apartment when we came apartment hunting 2 years ago--if only we'd known. For those who haven't picked up on it already, a lot of our foodie to-do's come from a new Food Network show--The Best Thing I Ever Ate. Haven't seen it? You should--world famous chefs talking about the food they love to eat. Yum. The BLT from Choice was our first BTIEA stop. Whole grain toasted bread, yummy bacon, super fresh tomatoes, and (the kicker) house-made (from scratch) rosemary mayonnaise. Life altering? No. Really good? Yep.

#44: Drive across Manhattan Bridge.

This one's new. We've been in love with this bridge ever since we saw it on Real Housewives of New York City (don't judge--you know you watch it, too). It was awesome. Great views of midtown, financial district and the Brooklyn Bridge (which btw we're now calling cliche that we've found our true bridge love). Don't have a car? Join the club. No worries. Looks like you can walk it, too. Highly recommend.

#8: Eat Toasted Marshmallow Shake @ Stand.

Another BTIEA stop. Whoa. Life altering? Absolutely. We'll never be the same. If you live here, go go go and get one. If you don't, it's worth the plane ticket. That good. Saturated with yummy flavor, topped with two medium-sized marshmallows that look like they came straight from the campfire to your table. It didn't last long.

Our list is now up to 50. Thanks a bunch to everyone for the great suggestions. We're keeping 10 spots open for last-minute ideas or by-the-seat-of-our-pants flying.

Click here for the 60-60 google map to see where we've been so far.

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Kage said...

LOVE this. I HAVE to get one of those shakes. STAT.